Annual Letter of Appeal 2012


Dear Sacred Dancers,

We so hope that you were able to be with us for our delightful and powerful "DANCE A WORLD OF HOPE" Sacred Dance Festival 2012 in Holland Michigan. Or our healing and connecting 2nd CultureFest in the Boston area held last March. And if not, we surely missed you! Both events were, once again, a timely reminder of how important and vital SACRED DANCE is to the world today and to us - each and everyone.

We also hope that you will be able to join us next September for our 2nd Sacred Dance Journey, this time to Costa Rica, and that you are enjoying all the networking, resources, and learning opportunities our website provides for us all.

Your SDG website continues to provide our Sacred Dance Companies and groups a way to have newsletters posted, printable educational handouts that can be freely given to others, an Event Calendar where you enter your data yourself, a way to find and keep up with our Local Networks, continual access to our Journals electronically published twice a year, and much more! And don't forget about being a part of our FaceBook Group Page where new folks from all paths of Sacred Dance continue to join in on our sharings each and every week.

It has been an almost 55 year tradition to ask our members to give some extra from their hearts and souls during this time of year so that our SACRED DANCE GUILD can continue to give to us, each and everyone, the opportunities to integrate Sacred Dance more and more into our daily lives and our world of "come-unity's". It's easy to do through our online donation form: just click here and fill it out. If you want to send in a check by postal mail, add a note that says your enclosed donation is for our Year-end Annual Giving: Sacred Dance Guild, 550M Ritchie Highway, #271, Severna Park, Maryland, 21146.

Know that your generous donation is appreciated through the 35,000 monthly visits we receive on our website, each time one of our Educational Handouts and Journals is shared, whenever someone finds a teacher of Sacred Dance through SDG, when a Sacred Dancer gets reinspirited through one of our Local Networks Events, our Traveling Workshops, our Sacred Dance Journeys and Festivals.

We hope, with the love and support of us all- each and everyone, that SDG will be able to keep "Dancing the Sacred and moving the world..." because it is such a divine inspiration and is needed more than ever.

JoyBeth Lufty
SDG President 2012-2013
And your SDG Board of Directors




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