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a reflection by Ruth Lieberherr, artist and dancer

Ruth studies her mural "Jazz Improvisation",
the inspiration for the Simply Soaring logo design (right)

Creating the logo for SDG Festival 2010 "Simply Soaring" involved a process of exploring many different ideas. It led to an unexpected and serendipitous ending.

After conversations with festival directors, Mary Kamp and Wendy Morrell, I sketched dancers, wings, feathers, and a combination of all three. I tried to express the essence of "Simply Soaring" in a simple, striking image. Nothing seemed to quite capture it. Suddenly, I looked at my mural size painting "Jazz Improvisation" and felt that the figures, their movements, and the colors embodied the essence of "Soaring"! Focusing on an area of the large painting showing five figures soaring, I played with cropping and contrast enhancing and the logo for "Simply Soaring" was born!

I am an artist, illustrator, dancer and yoga teacher. For over 20 years I have been a member of the liturgical dance group Skyloom in Lexington, Massachusetts. Movement and dance have found expression in my paintings. My paintings have influenced my dancing, sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes quite literally, when Skyloom and other choreographers have used my paintings as the inspiration for a dance.

Thank you Mary and Wendy for challenging me with the task of creating the logo for Simply Soaring!

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