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Sacred Dance Flash Mob Benefit July 29

Teen Dancer Inspires Flash Mob

Former Alvin Ailey Dancer Simply Soaring

An Artist Reflects on the Festival Logo

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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2010
Simply Soaring - Faculty Concert
July 30, 2010
Cummings Arts Center
Connecticut College

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Flute: Debbie Danbrook
Faculty Concert Dancers

Baroque Excursions
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Choreograpny: Kathy Harty Gray
Fugue - Gloria in Excelsis - Et in Terra Pax - Cum Sancto Spiritu
Kathy Harty Gray Dance Theatre: Karen Blank, Beth Elliott, Brenn Huckstep, Rick Latterell, Cathy Malin, Eritrea Michael, Iantha Parker, Lauren Silva, Carrie Wilcox

My God Is
Music: Jaude Mennonite Ensemble
Choreography: Kathryn Sparks
Kathryn Sparks with Michelle Thorne
Festival class participants & Festival community

Test of Time
Music: Patti Austin
Choreographed and danced by: Wesley Yarbor

Note Values
Vocals: Debbie Danbrook
Choreography: G.I. Gurdjieff & Thomas DeHart
David Taylor's Festival Class Participants

Assyrian Women's Mourning Dance
Choreography & Music: Traditional
David Taylor's Festival Class Participants

A Common Prayer
Music: Cari Cole
Choreography: Jane Wellford
Mary Kamp, Kathryn Sparks, Linda Telesco, Michelle Thorne, Jane Wellford

A Time for Every Purpose
Music: Samuel Barber
Choreography: Jane Wellford
Jane Wellford's Festival Class Participants

Salome - Matthew 14_6-7
Music: Song of Seikikos, San Antonio Arts Ensemble
Choregraphed and Danced by : Kathryn Sparks
Salome, usually shown dancing a cunning "dance of death," is danced here simply, confidently, for the love of the dance, unaware that the outcome of her performance will be one of tragedy and loss.

Life Can Be Fun
Music: Richrd Elliot
Choreography: Wesley Yarbor
Wesley Yarbor's Festival Class Participants

Joshusa Fit the Battle of Jericho
Gonna Sing Till the Spirit Moves in My Heart
Choreography: Kathy Harty Gray
Kathy Harty Gray Dance Theatre

Music: W.A. Mozart
Choreography: Phyllis Stonebrook
To Phyllis, with love and thanks...

Five Dancing
Harriet Campbell, Peggy Hoffman, Sharon Werth, Leah Woodbury

Festival 2010 was dedicated to Phyllis Stonebrook who was too weak from illness to attend. She passed from this life a few weeks later. Five Dancing is an ensemble founded by Phyllis.

Ceremony of Common Spirit
Music: Debbie Danbrook
Festival Concert Community

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