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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan




Dance a World of Hope
Mobius Logo

The logo for Festival 2012 begins with an original photograph taken by the artist, Svetlana Swinimer, of her sculpture "Mobius" that has then been computer animated and modified such that it encompasses dancers as an integral part of the painting. Visit the artist's website at www.svetlana-swinimer.ca for other works by Ms Swinimer and for information about her.

This rendition transforms the photograph of the original 15' sculpture into a multi dimensional representation that explores the theme of the Sacred Dance Guild’s 2012 Festival "Dance a World of Hope". The continual movement and connections in the image remind us that when dance is offered or experienced as a sacred art both the dancer and those witnessing the dance are transformed.

The Mobius was named after the astronomer and mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius (1790-1868). He discovered that a single 'strip' of paper that is twisted and glued together becomes a single surface that is never ending. This fascinating shape expresses Transformation. Most of us know that today the Mobius Strip has been chosen as the Universal symbol of recycling.

The Mobius strip represents a willingness to move WITH the constantly changing cycles in our Life process, transforming our challenges into solutions. The Mobius Strip shape is symbolic of eternal change within stillness itself. It is an expression of non-duality. It reveals the Unity of all polarities, creating a state of Oneness, joining the whole and the part, the masculine and the feminine, expansion and contraction, spirit and matter, etc. Everything is One and nothing can be separated from anything else. All is completely intertwined, infinitely.

The Mobius Strip is a spiritually significant symbol of balance and union. The continuum is descriptive of the Nature of Reality, by contemporary physicist David Bohm..."a single unbroken wholeness in flowing movement." That pretty much sums up the Festival experience as well!

We are so pleased to have this as our logo for Festival 2012!

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