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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan





Support Sacred Dance and Our Scholarship Fund

Need music, books, or gifts for a dancer?
Shop our markets and support our worldwide work for dance and spirituality.

Have Items to Sell or Donate?

Our markets offer a win/win opportunity: You gain income and invest in sacred dance at the same time.

Items to Sell? Try the Festival Store and Bazaar
Once again we are pleased to offer a "Festival Store" that will be open all week. This is the place to sell your dance or art items such as music, choreography, books, t-shirts, jewelry, etc. The store will be staffed and items will be sold on consignment with the SDG retaining 20% of sales. For details on bringing items to the Festival Store email sdgfestival@sacreddanceguild.org or contact Diane Dean at 613-435-1217.

Items to Donate? The Silent Auction
Our Silent Auction, to be held at the Friday Banquet, is a fundraiser that benefits the Sacred Dance Guild and the Festival Scholarship program. Please consider donating items to be auctioned - dance memorabilia, art, jewelry and new or gently used treasures are all welcome (minimum value of $20.00). And of course Ė donít forget to bring a little money of your own to bid on these wonderful items. Simply bring your donated item or items with you and we'll take it from there!

To donate, simply bring your donated item with you. Every donated item must be valued at $20.00 or more.

Note: SDG is a 501c3 organization so donations are tax-deductible.


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