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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan




Dancing a World of Hope - Awaken to Hope!
Early Morning Sessions


Yoga for the Lattice
Helena Froehlich

Yoga for the Lattice is a new holistic form of yoga created along the EMF Balancing Technique. It integrates breathing exercises, mindful poses and clear intent. During the poses, the focus is guided on clearing and balancing the energy within and around your body, called the Lattice and also known as the aura. Strengthen the energy of love and wisdom in your body, mind, and spirit.

Helena Froehlich is the Artistic director of CREATIONDANCE, a multi-generational sacred dance company, with a passion to develop awareness and build community, through dance as a spiritual practice. CreationDance creates short choreographies as well as full length programs in collaboration with musicians and choirs, performing in churches and theaters, spiritual venues or charitable events around New England and France. Creationdance was first created in France in 1999, where Director Helena Froehlich, has received several choreographic grants. In 2001 it expanded to New Jersey and since 2005, Creationdance is in residence at the First Unitarian Society in Newton, FUSN, MA. - www.creationdance.org


Sunrise Barre
Linda Graham

"Center" is a concept that applies to all aspects of one’s life- to center the mind, body and spirit is the foundation of hope. This is a classical ballet barre incorporating somatic principals to prepare the dancer for a day of movement, exploration, joy and hope.

Linda Graham currently serves as Chair of the Hope College Dance Department, where she has served on faculty for 29 years. She graduated from the National Academy of Arts, received her BFA in Theatre and MFA in Choreography/Performance from the University of Illinois and was a member of Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and DanceMoves, performing under the direction of Ulysses Dove, Anna Sokolow, Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Mary Anthony and others. She co-founded Aerial Dance Theatre (now known as dANCEpROjECt) and is currently co-director of StrikeTime Dance Company (both affiliates of the Hope Dance Department). Her award-winning works have been produced by the Joffrey Ballet, on television, and throughout the USA, Mexico and Europe.


Breathing in Hope Through Qi Gong and Tai Chi
Stella Matsuda

Harmoniously designed and masterfully patterned, QiGong and Tai Chi are done with flowing continuity and breath. It is the feeling of flowing like a river which eliminates the possibility of becoming rigid or hard. Slowness, evenness, clarity, balance and calmness are the five basic qualities of the composite technique. The perfect weaving of the dynamics of movement and form promotes fine circulation, quiets the mind and regulates the emotions.

Stella Shizuka Matsuda is Founding and Artistic Director of Alleluia Dance Theater, professional dancer, choreographer, teacher. Past President of SDG, Chair of 2003 SDG Festival, Professor Emeritus, Dance, Moorpark College; she has been teaching TaiChi and QiGong for 15 years.


Union through Yoga: Creating Hope by Creating Connection
Angela Nicolosi
Yoga is about Union - yoking together not only your body/mind/spirit, but yoking yourself to your God/Source/Universe, and feeling that same connection to other beings. Pain, depression, and hopelessness come from feeling disconnected from Source and from others. This class will foster connection to self, others and Source in an attempt to engender hope and optimism.

Angela Nicolosi holds a BFA Modern Dance Performance and an MA Movement Arts from The Ohio State University and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. Angela shifted her focus from performance to developing a program of movement for chronic pain after her sister was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Over time Angela decided that yoga better suited her holistic approach to wellness and has developed specialized yoga programs for people with MS, arthritis, cancer, and other concerns. After "discovering" the Sacred Dance Guild in 1999, Angela began to choreograph and perform again, and now blends yoga into her work.

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