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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan




Information on Festival "Sharing" - 1, 2, 3, 4!!

Sharing happens at Festival in many ways and at many times!

  1. Traditional "Sharing" Time - When you hear the word "Sharing" at Sacred Dance Festival it generally refers to a specific type of sharing that has been one of the most cherished activities at Festival since the very beginning Ė over 50 years ago! The "Sharing" time on the Festival Schedule is an opportunity to share a dance you are currently working on, or one you have offered elsewhere, with your fellow Festival participants. These are informal gatherings held in a studio with an open and supportive audience. We provide the room, audience, CD player and audience feedback if you wish.

    You bring your dance and your music. Some groups/individuals come prepared with costuming while others spontaneously use what they have. Our festival musician may be available to provide live music for your Sharing upon request. "Sharing" times this year will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 4:15 and 5:15. Sign-ups for "Sharings" can be done in advance or can happen on site. Our Sharing Coordinators this year are Betty Wooddy and Anne Marks. If you have questions prior to Festival, you can contact Betty at BChallenW@aol.com.

  2. "Sharing" Class Time - If you would like to teach a type of dance, other movement practice or any other related activity and would like an opportunity to share that with others, there will be a room/space identified at various times throughout the week that you can "book" for this type of impromptu sharing of your talents with other participants.

  3. "Sharing" Videos/DVDs - There will also be place in the Hospitality Room for "after hours" DVD/video sharing - so bring those along as well!

  4. "Share What you Wear"!! - Back by popular demand (from the 2010 Festival) is the "Share What you Wear" event! This will happen at the Friday Sharing and is a chance for us to share with each other some of the great ideas we have for sacred dance wear. If you would like to bring a favorite dance outfit, or be a model for others, email Mary at Prog2@sacreddanceguild.org with information such as (Your Name, Costume Designer, Music or venues that work for the costume, Model's name - or advise that you would like a model and the size) any other details to share about the outfit/costume. Letís have fun with this - we want to see and hear about your favorite outfits!

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