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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan





SDG's Festival 2012 "Dance a World of Hope" came to a thrilling conclusion after a weeklong celebration that was filled to overflowing with Dance. The amount of volunteer work that went into the Festival was amazing - some may see volunteer work as a trap – but what we found was that it was an open door that allows you to create, build and help. None of this year's events would have been possible without Team Hope; the SDG Executive Board and our loyal SDG members, the staff at Hope College, City of Holland and others, all came to together to create "Dance a World of Hope".

There are so many ways to say Thank You; Merci, Gratzie, Origato, Gracias and Danke, such small words and yet they convey a greater, deeper appreciation for the generous contributions of so many. The rich experiences we all shared would not have been possible without their dedication and support.

We appreciate everything our team accomplished before, during and after the SDG Festival 2012. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They're absolutely free and worth a fortune. From the bottom of our hearts and with every cell in our being we give bouquets to all of those who contributed.

Wendy Morrell and Mary Kamp

We do particularly highlight those individuals and groups who made donations to sponsor specific events or activities and/or who provided advertising, and to those on the Sacred Dance Board & other members who had a particular role in the creation of the 2012 SDG Festival.

  • A Special Kickstarter Thank you goes out to all those that helped us more than complete our 1st Kickstarter Campaign Goal to help fund our Festival 2012 "Dance A World Of Hope" special guests. A BIG DANCING THANKYOU goes out to: Kathy Kidd Crougan, Sarah Abts, Julie M Poore, Blake Rusk, Julie Benedickt, Angie B Hill, Denise Koch, Barbara Cochran, Joceile Nordwall, Mary-Joy Neru, Pulelehua Quirk, Maura Burns, Lana G Spraker, Howard Douglas, Sheila Chibnall-Treptow, Jennifer Payne, Marilyn Green, Andrea Shearer, Mary Williams Kamp, Linda Telesco, Elaine Herb Sisler, Kay Kopatich, Betsy O'Neil, N Johnson, Betsy Beckman, Tricia Lee, Catherine Stanke, Greg Smith, Lucy Dubose, Caroln Hine-Johnson, Slyvia Halton, Therese M Gerlach and more that are not listed here but YOU know who you are...
  • Donors to our Kickstarter Campaign:
    • Anne Marks
    • Carolynn Hine-Johnson
    • Lucy VanAtta
    • Nancy Heers
    • Sylvia Halton-Henderson
    • Teresa Gerlach
    • Helena Froehlich
  • Marvelous Men’s Forum: Rick Kesler, Marque Smith, Greg Smith and Ken Fisher
  • Krista Paulin, Downtown Holland, Event Coordinator (Helped make the Flash Mob a reality!)
  • Hope College Staff - Alicia Curtis, Linda Graham, Heather Roden, Erik Alberg, Tim Blackburn & special thanks to Meaghan and Jamie for being everywhere during the week!
  • Program Book Advertisers: Carol Sundquist, Lemonjellos, High Praise Dance Academy & Dancing for Him Ministries
  • Diane Dean and Michelle Shortall - our “Emporium” ladies extraordinaire!
  • Patricia Fisher & Stella Matsuda - Fabulous Faculty Chairs (who provided us absolutely amazing faculty!)
  • Cherie Hill - Sponsors/Advertising/Donations (she really kicked that one!!) & Opening Presenter
  • Jessie Clark - Super Concert Coordinator - with assistance from Karen Josephson
  • Betty Wooddy and Anne Marks - our stellar Sharing coordinators!
  • Elaine Sisler & Mary Kamp - Flash Mob Dancing Dames!!
  • Kathryn Sparks & JoyBeth Lufty - Opening/Morning Group Awakenings/Closing - Whew!!!
  • Marcia Miller - Making dreams come true as Scholarship Chair
  • John Morrell - the man with the camera!
  • Svetlana Swinimer - Logo Creator
  • The Gang at Next Wave!! Pat, Anne, Betsy, Laurie, Deb, Patty

Sacred Dancer Appreciations for Festival 2012
Thank you's From Our Festival Participants

Hello SDG Festival 2012 Team,
I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to be a part of this year's Sacred Dance Guild Festival. I feel as if I learned a lot and wanted to personally thank each of you for providing me with a scholarship opportunity that allowed me to attend.
Best wishes! Michelle T. Summers, Ph.D. Student, Critical Dance Studies, UC Riverside

Thank you, SDG Festival 2012 Team for:

"The rich experience of the diverse dances, wonderful spirituality, and for learning more about dance... "

"Exposure to lots of representations of Sacred Dance and so many wonderful people..."

"Good variety to meet all levels and experiences... "

"Uplifting kindness and willingness of everyone to help and involve others in particular..."

"The Labryinth, Flash Mob, Group Morning Awakenings, The Banquet and so much more..."

"An intangible- there was a feeling of a deeper commitment to knowing one another, an interest in each others lives and there were bits of time tucked into the schedule that allowed these connections to grow..."

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. ~ G.K. Chesterton

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