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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan




Festival 2012 - "Dance a World of Hope"
What a week!! The theme for the Sacred Dance Guild's Festival 2012 in our 54th year was certainly evident morning, noon and night during the week of July 24th thru July 29th at Hope College, in Holland Michigan.

We experienced....

  • an amazing Planetary Dance at the Opening Celebration;
  • each day dawning with over 100 dancers gathering together beneath the magnificent pine trees exploring the daily theme and moving the Festival Theme song simply titled "Hope" and the Sacred Dance Guild's theme song "Moving Mysteries";
  • classes, classes, classes - all day - by a faculty that was diverse and quite simply stunning!;
  • wonderful, moving sharing times with dance offerings by participants;
  • lunchtime discussion groups (we'll all remember the Men's Forum for sure!);
  • the Festival Concert at the incredibly beautiful Dimnent Chapel with New York City's Trinity Movement Choir's heart rendering "Reconciliation" piece followed by a variety of wonderful offerings by other Festival workshop leaders and guests;
  • our annual gathering where Maxine DeBruyn - past President of the Sacred Dance Guild, many honors from national and international organizations, initiator of sacred dance at Hope College, and all round amazing person! - became an Honorary Member of the Sacred Dance Guild;
  • an international banquet celebrating "Sacred Dance Global Outreach" that had us grazing on foods from around the world and a rousing performance by the Croatian Dance group "Nova Nada" from Warren, Michigan
  • chanting and following drummers to a late night candlelit reflective labyrinth
  • the downtown Holland FLASHMOB that had everyone movin and groovin and that provided support to a local organization "Center for Women in Transition"; and
  • the final Faculty Concert at the wonderful Knickerbocker Theatre featuring our Main Presenters with special guest presenters including "Dancing Wheels" from Cleveland, Ohio ....

WHEW!! It was a week with waves of experience - from the wild and exuberant to the quiet and reflective! The body, mind and soul were nourished in every way!

The Sunday morning closing had everyone feeling a special connection to each other and to the world.... we breathed deeply as we embraced the time together and readied to move the transformation we felt into the world. The Sacred Dance Guild motto "Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World" was never more evident and each person Danced a World and Heart filled with Hope.

On behalf of the festival planning team, many thanks to all who participated in so many ways at Festival 2012. It couldn't happen without our "secret ingredient" - and that is all of YOU!

~ Mary Kamp and Wendy Morrell, Co-Directors Programs

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