Festival 2010 Musician
Debbie Danbrook

Debbie Danbrook is a Composer and Recording Artist performing original, contemporary compositions. Incorporating the Shakuhachi into a distinctive new Healing Music that blends Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Debbie Danbrook is a master of the Shakuhachi, an ancient Japanese bamboo flute. She is the first professional female player to specialize in the unique healing abilities of this sacred instrument. To this end, she has recorded seventeen CD's, fourteen of them specifically for healing and meditation. Her music has been embraced by healers and spiritual practitioners around the globe. Ms. Danbrook also incorporates the sacred symbol of the Labyrinth into many of her events. She performs around the world at concerts, workshops, conferences and special events.

Debbie Danbrook has been featured in articles in the Toronto Star newspaper, Canadian Living and the Elm Street magazine. She has been seen many times on TVO, Vision and CBC on television and radio and was profiled in a half hour documentary on the Person to Person TV program. Ms. Danbrook has performed for Japanese royalty, the Prince and Princess Takamado, at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. She was the only woman to perform and offer a workshop at the 1998 International Shakuhachi Festival held in Boulder, Colorado. She has performed at the Sacred Music Festival in Vancouver, the Sacred Dance Conference in Ottawa and has had her music featured at many of the Canada Dance Festivals. She has performed several times at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. She has performed at the Daibutsu, the famous Buddha in Kamakura, Japan and at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. She also performed at the International Wellness Conference in Galveston, Texas which featured Deepak Chopra. Ms. Danbrook was an invited performer at the 2001 ISPA conference in Palm Springs, California. She has played her Healing Music for many of the Spa Canada conferences, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch and Sound Colloquium conferences. She also performed at the Aspen Center for Integrative Health Symposium in Aspen, Colorado. Many of Ms. Danbrook's original compositions have been featured in Japanese television programs, including her hit 'Treasure' in the Nippon Television feature documentary, 'Kyoto - A Spiritual Voyage Through the Seasons'. Ms. Danbrook performed with Steve Raiman at EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan in the main Expo hall.

Ms. Danbrook has received a total of fifteen awards from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and The Toronto Arts Council.

University of Toronto Shakuhachi ensemble instructor.
Workshop and Retreat Facilitator at events pertaining to Healing Music, the Labyrinth and the Chakras or energy centers in the body.
18 years private Shakuhachi lessons

CMC Associate Composer (Canadian Music Centre)

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