Wings for Making Dances: Flight Patterns for Exciting Heights of Composition
Presenter: Phyllis Stonebrook

With good understanding of the basic tools for choreography, dancers will find the work of dance composition easier to do, more meaningful, and delightfully gratifying. The class will explore fundamental uses of time, space, and energy, along with development and treatment of thematic material. Participants will choose from music or spoken selections provided by the instructor, and in the course of the class, will complete a short solo piece. Ways to expand the solo for a group dance will be considered. Simply soaring on to stronger choreography will enrich the work we do as choreographers, dancers, and observers.

Phyllis Stonebrook minored in dance at Randolph-Macon Woman's College, studied at the Martha Graham School in New York, and worked with Louis Horst in composition. She danced with Ethel Butler, Pola Nirenska, and Erika Thimey in Washington, D.C., and in Seattle, WA. She also directed her own studios and companies. Vice President of SDG for three years, and faculty coordinator for the Guild’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2008, Phyllis directs the Baltimore North Cluster of Churches Dance Choir, works with the Youth Group at North Chevy Chase Christian Church, and choreographs for and dances with Five Dancing, based in Columbia, MD.

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