Mysteries, Rites, and Revelations:A Spectrum of Transcendent Dance Expressions
Presenter: David Taylor

Mysteries, Rites, and Revelations will explore a number of transcendent dance forms stemming from a variety of religious and cultural traditions throughout history. Through Powerpoint presentations, film, and movement labs, Zikr Sacred Dance Ensemble Artistic Director David Taylor will guide students through a study of the Sufi Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes, a variety of Gurdjieff sacred movements, including a two-thousand year old Assyrian Women’s Mourning Dance, and the Balinese Sang Hyang Dedari trance dances.

David Taylor served as the founder, principal choreographer and Artistic Director of the David Taylor Dance Theatre, a Denver-based professional contemporary ballet company, for twenty-seven years. Currently a dance history professor at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, David is also a ballet master class teacher for numerous dance organizations throughout the state. His extensive background also includes a longtime involvement with metaphysical studies, sacred dance and ritual and besides conducting sacred dance lectures and workshops for many statewide organizations, in the summer of 2009 he founded Colorado’s first professional sacred dance group, the Zikr Sacred Dance Ensemble.

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