Choreography To Go: Two Dances You Can Take Back to Your Church or Group
Presenter Suzi Bevan

"Me and God" - Music by Josh Turner
Good ol' country square dancing with an encouraging message. This piece is choreographed for 8 dancers. It begins with the couples back to back in the center and then spreads out to form a circle. If you can count to 8 and know your right foot from your left - you're good to go. It's fast paced, always moving and has partnering sequences which make it a lot of fun to dance and fun to watch. Boots and cowboy hats are worn to add to the "flavor" when performed, but not necessary for this class. Get ready to do-si-do and get on your horse and ride with "Me and God".

"Put Your Hand in the Hand" - Music by Engelbert Humperdinck
The choreography in this piece illuminates the words that describe Jesus in the Temple and with His disciples. The dance is upbeat, quick and lively. Movements mimic the waves on the sea and the nets being hauled in. The steps are simple and so much fun to do. Remember: we are "dancing the story" and not just "doing steps". As with all sacred dances - your facial expressions are a major component in getting the message across to the audience. So put on your happy face and enjoy!

Suzanne (Suzi) Bevan studied ballet and tap dancing from age 8 to 13 with Constance Reynolds of the Royal Ballet and British Ballet From the Charleston to the jitterbug, she pursued all the dance crazes of the 50s and 60s. Suzi, resumed formal dance training at Mary Washington College, performing with the college dance company and choreographing for student productions. She graduated in 1980, joined a local dance company, and taught private classes as well as working with dance groups in the local high schools. She choreographed dances for church productions and, along with fellow alumnus, Vicky Wilder, formed the Sacred Dance Ensemble of Fredericksburg where under the guidance of God, she choreographs and dances for Him wherever called.

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