Healing Music into Breath into Movement
Presenter: Debbie Danbrook

In our time together, I will invite you to ground and center with an opening Shakuhachi meditation. The Shakuhachi flute is used for a type of Zen called 'Suizen,' or blowing Zen, and is very meditative, relaxing, grounding, and healing.

We will then learn and practice a simple breath technique that will be expanded with some chakra clearing and balancing. This is breathwork that you can incorporate into your own meditation practice, dance movement and also day-to-day living experiences.

This work will move us into gentle movement accompanied by the healing tones of the Shakuhachi.

Debbie Danbrook is a master of the Shakuhachi, an ancient Japanese bamboo flute. She is the first professional female player to specialize in the unique healing abilities of this sacred instrument and is noted for incorporating its sound into healing music that blends Eastern and Western musical traditions.

A composer and recording artist, Debbie has recorded 17 CDs, most of them for healing and meditation, and has performed around the world. She has taught a Shakuhachi ensemble at the University of Toronto and also teaches the instrument at conferences and workshops as well as privately. Debbie is the recipient of fifteen awards from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and The Toronto Arts Council.

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