Presenter: Mulenga Patricia Katyoka

Participants will explore their creative capacity for divine self awareness through nonverbal communication, drawing from examples of Gospel arts and African dance traditions. Using imaginative vision, humor and contemplation, participants will apply spiritual expression through natural elements and learn to tell stories in relation to God, to oneself, and to others through movement in a dance sequence of four steps, as follows:

Imagine and believe in the "egg idea" of purposeful awareness and peace of mind

Dissolve the excess and accept present moment limitations to follow guidance from new perspectives.

Reform to grow: unite with the universe of supply to break the shell of struggle and increase wingspan capacity

Detach and open up to divine interventions with free movement and be renewed to transcend reality's limits to the greater heights of eternal blessings.

Mulenga Patricia Katyoka was born Zambia and raised in the United States, since age 9. She has studied in Ontario, Canadia where she earned her business degree at the Theme School on International Justice and Human Rights. In her hometown of Washington DC, she earned a law degree from George Washington University Law School, with a Certificate in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, from Oxford University (England). She has served the U.S. government on the professional staff in the U.S. House of Representatives on international relations. As an advocate, she has served Catholic Relief Services, Amnesty International and the Salvation Army. Mulenga, is founder and CEO of SJT Global Arts LLC which offers Sacred Dance Retreats. She holds a certificate from The School of Pastoral Care and Counseling, at Richmond Hill, in Richmond Virginia and has served people, groups, and organizations of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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