Dance of Divine Grace
Presenter: Lisa Michaels

Learn to dance with the Elemental Forces of Creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit) and increase your connection to Divine Grace. In this workshop, you will experience both simple ballet movements and ecstatic conscious dance to open your body to a richer flow of Divine essence and activate a deeper relationship to grace. You will also discover the sacred musical rhythms created by the sun, moon, and stars. Join Lisa Michaels in this experience of sacred movement and soar.

Lisa Michaels has a lifetime of devotion to dance. First as a dancer herself, then as a co-owner/director/teacher of a 500-pupil ballet school. She is currently serving as SDG’s Vice President. For the past eleven years she has used conscious dance as a transformational tool and means of spiritual connection in her numerous workshops and facilitator trainings. Lisa is the founding/director of Natural Rhythms Institute and has produced many products over the years, most recently her book, Natural Rhythms ~ Connect the Creational Dance of Your Life to the Pulse of the Universe.

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