Doris Humphrey's Technique and Choreography
Presenter: Sally Hanger Moravitz

Doris Humphrey's modern dance technique is based on her exploration of gravity and force as the center of all movement. Her breath movement techniques: swings and jumps, successions, and falls and recovery will be presented. There will be examples of how these elements were used in her dance Water Study. Her 1935 landmark piece New Dance will be used as a form in which Humphrey's elements of composition are used to develop solo or group phrases to fit into the original closing movements of the dance.

Sally Moravitz is a modern dance teacher, performer and choreographer. She studied Humphrey-Weidman technique in college and performed in Doris Humphrey's repertory at the Connecticut College American Dance Festival in 1953 and 1954. Sally taught at the University of Georgia for 5 years. After she married and 3 sons, she started teaching and performing as a free lance artist in both sacred and secular venues. She has been a member of the SDG for over 20 years and taught at Festivals 1992 and 2008.

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