CultureFest Revisited: Dancing Our Divine Diversity
Presenter: Elaine Herg Sisler

This workshop is an overview of Culturefest 2009, the first program of the Sacred Dance Guild's SDGO (Sacred Dance Global Outreach) initiative. Come see what you missed and learn how to coordinate your own SDGO event to help the cause of dance and dancers around the world!

Activities will include:

  • Warm up exercises that stretch bodies and imaginations
  • Dances from different cultures and historical eras
  • Small group improvisations using props
  • Guidelines for future successful SD-GO events
  • "Moving Mysteries" a large group dance meditation
  • "Hymn" an evolving danced prayer exploring forgiveness and gratitude

Elaine Herg Sisler is a dancer and teaching artist specializing in the design and implementation of arts-integration programs. She currently is an adjunct faculty member in the Creative Arts and Learning Graduate Program at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. Elaine is also Artist-In-Residence at the Luther Conant School in Acton, MA, and she teaches creative dance and ballet at Studio Ballet of Hudson, MA. Elaine is the recipient of the "Goldin Foundation Award for Excellence in Education" and the Massachusetts Alliance for Arts Education's award for "Outstanding Arts Educator in Dance". She performs with Skyloom Sacred Dance Group and Encore Dance Ensemble.

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