SDG recognizes individual Sacred Dancers for their significant contributions to Sacred Dance and/or The Sacred Dance Guild in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Sacred Dance evolution
  2. Sacred Dance Guild teaching and/or administration
  3. Substantial financial contributions to SDG

The process of selecting an Honorary Member who receives a Lifetime Membership in SDG is a current SDG Board Member's sponsorship and board vote. Current members can suggest a nominee to a SDG Board Member.

Keep checking back here for information about our Honorary Members. If you have pictures, stories, and information you would like to share to be posted here on our Honorary Members, send them to


  1. Judy Barnett
  2. Ann Marie Blessin
  3. Forrest Coggan
  4. Susan Cole
  5. Maxine DeBruyn
  6. Carla De Sola
  7. Jean Erdman - (see website)
  8. JoAnn Flanigan
  9. Barrie Gibby
  10. Toni Intravaia
  11. Karen Josephson
  12. Carlynn Reed
  13. Dana Schlegel
  14. Fenna Stoub
  15. Mary Jane Wolbers


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