Connecticut College offers convenient, comfortable and affording housing on campus. We encourage you to stay on campus to enhance the retreat aspects of the Festival. We offer single rooms with shared bathrooms on each floor; a limited number of double rooms are available for the same fee.

The Housing Package includes your room and a meal card. Check-in is Sunday afternoon with Friday morning check-out. Meals include Breakfast Monday through Breakfast Friday at the Campus Dining Hall which offers a full selection including vegetarian options. The fee is $350. Reserve your room on the registration form. Note, linens and towel are included.

If you prefer non-dorm option, there are many local hotels, motels and B&Bs. Check the Mystic County website for listings.

If you are planning to spend any extra nights at Connecticut College (before or after Festival), contact us at for information on adding extra nights and/or meals.

Quick Facts:

Place: Connecticut College,
New London, CT

Dates: July 20 25, 2008


  • $425 (for SDG members)
  • $475 (for non members)

Housing: $350 (five-nights including meals)




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