How You Can GO With Us

Want to help SDGO make a world of difference through dance? You can start right now. Here's how:

Your donations to SDGO will help us sponsor events, send supplies, and provide financial assistance to dancers in need. You may make a donation to SDGO's general assistance fund or you may donate to the project of your choice from our SDGO World page.

Support an SDGO Event
Check our list of upcoming SDGO events. Attend one. Dance at one. Join the organizing team. Send a donation.

Host an SDGO Event
This is a great way to unite the dance community in your area and help a worthy cause at the same time. You can get plenty of support from young dancers who need to do community service for church or school purposes. Sacred Dance Guild will help you get your SDGO event going. To find out more, click on the link below: How to Host an SDGO Event.

Do you know of a dancer or dance group that would be a deserving beneficiary of SDGO? Tell us! Perhaps you know the dancer(s) personally, or maybe you heard about them or read their story. Just send us the information - be sure to include the name of the source where you read or heard the story - and we will review it for SDGO. See SDGO World for more information.

SDGO Options
If coordinating a big benefit concert event is not doable, then consider these ideas for other ways to support SDGO:

  • Sponsor a master class workshop with an exciting guest teacher...
  • Host a "Sacred Dancing With The Stars" type of competition. Charge an entry fee for contestants and sell tickets...
  • Does your studio usually perform "Nutcracker" at the holidays? Donate a portion of the ticket sales to a SDGO project or solicit the audience for a special donation and collect during the intermission...
  • Are you a dance teacher? Studio owner? Student at a studio? Many dance studios offer an Open House Day of free (or economy) classes, studio presentations, etc. for National Dance Week. If yours does, suggest that attendees donate a small amount that will go to SDGO...
  • Are you a church-based dancer or dance group? Ask your pastor or worship committee about dedicating your weekly/monthly dance presentation to SDGO or suggest having a special collection on a particular date...

These are just a few suggestions. Your event or benefit raising efforts for SDGO can be as easy or elaborate as you wish. Just fill it with love and Sacred Dance and it will be perfect. It is all about building awareness of and support for the deserving groups SDG aims to help through our Sacred Dance Global Outreach (SDGO) initiative.

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How You Can GO With Us

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