Local Networks are formed where there are at least two SDG members within a local community or limited geographical area to develop "local networks" oriented towards providing their communities Sacred Dance education, resourcing, and networking through coordinating local workshops, with optional newsletters and internet pages, such as Facebook and websites. These local workshops can include utilizing SDG's Traveling Workshops and Presenters Package or draw workshops and presenters from other sources.

Local Networks need a two member team: 1. Guild Rep and 2. Local Coordinator.

1. The Guild Rep is responsible for the completion of the tasks applying for becoming a Local Network, opening a line of credit with SDG if needed, consulting with the SDG Board about workshop management including promotional strategies, coordinating and sending in their Newsletters to be posted on SDG's website, and turning in their completed Workshop Forms/Funds.

2. The Local Coordinator is responsible for the completion of the tasks involved in recruiting local members and attendees, presenters, and workshops, coordinating the logistics of time and place, and of promotions and publicity.

If initiating workshop funds are required, local Guild Reps can apply for a small "line of credit" from SDG. After The Local Network has $250 future seed money in their name, the Local Networks will keep 50% of their local workshop profits and give 50% to SDG to support Sacred Dance globally. The Local Networks are responsible for paying back their SDG seed money line of credit and for any losses they might acquire on a local level.

Click here to apply to become a Local Network... When the application is approved by SDG's Board, an appropriate Officer or CoDirector of the Board will be assigned to consult with the Local Network Guild Representative.

Click here to obtain a printable Local Network Workshop Report Form... click here for our online form

Send your Local Network Newsletters to Pres@sacreddanceguild.org for posting on SDG's website. Local Network Newsletters are located on the right hand links of Headlines or click here to view...

Remember to post your Local Network Events on SDG's Event Calendar. You can also post your local events on SDG's Facebook Page.

Click here to view Letters to Local Networks from SDG's Board of Directors.

Here are SDG's active Local Networks (formerly named Chapters) that have been Dancing The Sacred in their communities for quite some time. Contact them if you live or move into their area:

  • Canadian National Local Network includes all members within a two hour driving distance of the capital city, Ottawa. Guild Representative: Dale Woloshin, woloshin@sympatico.ca
  • Hawaii Local Network includes all members in the state of Hawaii.
    Guild Representative: Pulelehua RuthMarie Quirk, sacredancehawaii@gmail.com
    See newsletters
  • New York/Southwest Connecticut Local Network includes the state of New York, and Fairfield County, Connecticut, with the primary center of activity in New York City and its suburbs.
    Guild Representative: Jean Ando, jeando@att.net & on Facebook - Sacred Dance Guild NY/SW CT
  • Potomac Local Network includes the states of Maryland, Virginia, the eastern districts of West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Guild Representative: Jennifer McDaniel, broniba@gmail.com
    See newsletters
  • Rocky Mountain Local Network includes all members in the state of Colorado.
    Guild Representative: Judy Rutledge, djrutledge@hotmail.com www.sdgrockymountain.org

To find SDG members in your area, login to Members Only and search the membership database.

Here is where YOUR SDG LOCAL NETWORK will be listed once you begin by connecting with at least one other SDG Sacred Dancer in your area:

  • Future Local Network in Australia ????
  • Future Local Network in British Columbia ????
  • Future Local Network in England ????
  • Future Local Network in Oregon ????
  • Future Local Network in Texas ????
  • ??????????????????????????????


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