Tricia Mary Lee from Australia

"Dance is the love between body and soul which adds sparkle to your life..."

Greetings from Australia!

I live, work and dance in a small country town in the beautiful southern forest region of West Australia. I am a Civil Celebrant for marriages, funerals and all other ceremonies, and work and train others to work with the elderly and palliative care using "Tender Touch" and "Tender Endings". I have recently published two books that are available online: A delightful children's allegory with beautiful illustrations, "The Star Who Lost Her Sparkle", and "The Sacred Mystery Manuscripts" being published through Balboa Press. With my husband, I am a caretaker to some great trees, many wild flowers and native creatures, including large lizards and the odd kangaroo! My two adult sons live in other areas of Australia.

My journey to Sacred Dance began in the Kimberley as I worked with the indigenous people. Moving south in 2003, I started researching, discovered and joined immediately The Sacred Dance Guild. Uplifted by the inspirations from the newsletters, I started working to discover my own pathway in this dance. Blessed to receive a scholarship to attend the wonderful Festival 2008, Moving Mysteries, I finally felt that I had come home to those who fully moved as one in the Mystery.

On my return to Australia, I introduced the concept of Sacred Dance to The Spiritualist Church which had just started nearby. Our performance of The Geegeelup Spirit Dancers at the service for Christmas 2009 was a highlight. This year there are more dancers now wanting to share at our Christmas Celebration so I have choreographed a very simple "Dancing In The Light" with candles and veils. I pray for ongoing guidance and inspiration and yearn to spend time with all of you there in The States again!

This past year, I have been learning The Dance of Stillness. What lessons of Sacred understanding lie in this dormant space deep within a dancing body which seeks the miracle of movement but is stricken with pain at each twirl and shimmy? Surrender? Patience? Listening? Tenderness? Release? Faith? Tranquility? All these and more!!

Next year... the BIG 2012... I would love to join you all in The Dance at Hope College, as it is also my Big 60 birthday... So please send prayers and wishes for me to be able to do this...

Yours in the eternal dance of Spirit,
Tricia M

Gifts from Tricia Mary for YOU!

Stand & breathe gently with arms lightly crossed at Solar Plexus...
Inhale, sweeping arms down and then up in an outer circle to temple, hands overhead turning out and lowering in the circle to starting posture as you exhale...
Inhale, sweeping arms down and up to temple, hands open and then lowering in front of body and then back to Solar Plexus as you exhale...
Inhale, sweeping arms down and up to temple hands, lower and cross on heart for exhale...
Inhale arms up to Temple, hands then lower in prayer position to heart level as you exhale...

After doing this a few times it is possible to then recall it anywhere, such as at the supermarket or traffic queue without the actual physical movement through the memory and effect.



Beloved One...

Today... Please Bless me in The Dance
Let me shimmy with my floor mop,
Smooch through my laundry,
Tango with my hoover,
Rumba with my duster,
And kneel in prayer with my toilet brush.

Above all... Please let me remember to be thankful
that I have a home to clean,
and the strength of body to dance through it.
Blessed be my time of housework, Oh Yeh!!!


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