Joyful Noise Dance Choir & Majestic Praise
New York/Southwest Connecticut Chapter
Joined 2010

Meet the Dance Ministries of the Church of the Village in New York City, encompassing the Joyful Noise Dance Choir and Majestic Praise, an innovative, multi-arts ministry.

Joyful Noise was founded by Martha Chapman, a professional dancer/teacher who is the group's coordinator and chief choreographer. The group comprises both adults and children, trained and non-trained dancers. Joyful Noise express spirit and joy through a variety of dance genres as well as through drama.

Majestic Praise was founded by church members Nathan and Evelyn Bunce in 2008. This progressive group celebrates through song, dance, percussion and other cultural arts and, according to the Church website, "welcomes the young and young at heart to lead worship and praise in an innovative and profound way."

Members of Joyful Noise and Majestic Praise shared their creative spirit at SDG's New York/Southwest Connecticut Chapter workshop last November.

For more information about Joyful Noise and Majestic Praise and to see video of the dance ministries at Church of the Village, a progressive congregation of the United Methodist Church, visit


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