Zikr Dance Ensemble - Colorado
Founder and Artistic Director: David Taylor
Joined 2011

Founded in 2009, The Zikr Dance Ensemble is a professional company that performs a wide range of works, from the dance rituals of ancient world cultures to the contemporary ballet choreography of Artistic Director David Taylor. The repertoire features sacred movement works developed by Russian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff as well as ritual dances of various traditions, among them a two thousand year old Assyrian Women's Mourning Dance, hypnotic interpolations of the Sufi Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes, and the Balinese Sang Hyang Dedari trance dance. Zikrís unique, theatrical, and mesmerizing performances have won rave reviews throughout Colorado and on tour outside the state. Visit www.zikrdance.com


Involved in sacred dance for over forty years, David Taylor is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer and has been a frequent presenter at Sacred Dance Guild events, most recently the 2010 SDG Festival. David holds a degree in history from the University of Denver and has taught dance technique and history at Colorado State University. He danced professionally for 12 years with various Colorado ballet companies, and in 1979 founded the David Taylor Dance Theatre, a professional contemporary ballet company, which he directed for 27 years.

"Much of my own choreographic work with my company naturally centered on metaphysical concepts and the power of dance as ritual," said David who had long been drawn to sacred dances of various cultures and eras. He created multi-media ballets based on the cosmologies of the Hopi and Anasazi Indians, the Bushido samurai warriors of Japan, the Penitente sects of the American southwest, and Balinese sacred dance. He also immersed himself in the work of G.I. Gurdjieff whose intense movement practices aim to create in the participant a transcendent experience of being fully awakened to life and its meaning.

In 2009, David formed Zikr Dance Ensemble whose focus, he said, "has become the presentation of ancient and transcendent dance rituals from around the world and throughout history, along with contemporary, metaphysically oriented dance/theatre realizations."


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