Fly high on the wings of MUSIC...
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A gift you give yourself and others!

"From the beginning of time sacred music, song and story have brought people together at times of seasonal ceremony and celebration, as part of everyday life and seasonal passages, in daily renewal and meditation." From The Universal Dances of Peace Website

"The secret in music which attracts all those who listen to it is the rhythm which is being created. It is the tone of the music which tunes a soul and raises it above the depression and despair of every day life in this world." Inayat Khan

This section is for sharing the music, musicians and songs and also the choreography birthed from deep within the rhythms, that have helped to connect us with Divine Source, God/dess, moving our bodies from the depths of our Souls. Send the music and Sacred Dance steps that has so inspired you to share with others to:

For a sample playlist of an Ecstatic or Church Dance by SDG 2010-2011 Vice President, Lisa Michaels click here...

"Moving Mysteries" is a recorded song with choreography written by lifelong SDG member and musician, composer, and dancer Emmalyn Moreno. Click here to see the words and to hear the music of SDG's official song/dance.

Our SDG Journal's Body Prayer columnist, JoyBeth Lufty, shared this Body Prayer in the Spring 2011 Journal that is danced to Russill Paul's song, "Come Holy Spirit". Click here to see the article.

A SDG member and musician who has accompanied many a Sacred Dancer with her magical flute and numerous recordings is Debbie Danbrook. Click here to find out when she will be interviewed in our "Spirituality In Dance" Tele-Interview Series.

Be sure to keep dancing back here for more musical sharings...



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