Sample Questions and Answers

Question: I am a choreographer in Denver that specializes in sacred dance and I wondered if you might have a list of sacred dance companies, professional and amateur, across the United States, that I might contact.

Answer: I did find for you a website listing thousands of sacred dance companies. If you go to, you will see a U. S. map and listing from each state. I hope that these are good listings. The group that I dance with in Fredericksburg, Virginia, however, is not on the list. I might be bold enough to ask you to join the Sacred Dance Guild. You can do this through the website. For our membership, our website has listings of members and companies.May I ask what you would like this for? I'm assuming that since you are a choreographer that you have choreography to share (maybe sell) or choreographic questions.


Question: Is there a group in the Chicagoland area? Is there a group in Northwest Indiana?

Answer: I sent your request to a couple of members in Illinois. Please e-mail me again if you don't have a response in a few days. I am in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but we do have many members in IL. The Lakeshore Chapter is there.


Question: I have a youth and teens dance ministry and I would like more information. Anything you have, will greatly be appreciated.

Answer: Congratulations for working with youth and sacred dance. I recently taught a processional dance to 5th and 6th graders at our church for Epiphany. It was to Rutter's We Three Kings and included a camel, camel handlers, the three kings, and four dancers as the caravan. It was well received. If you could be more specific about your needs, I could be a better help. Do you need music, choreography? What are the ages that you are working with? Where do you live? This September, there will be a weekend workshop in Conn. which includes a youth segment.Tell me more.


Question: I am presently starting a liturgical dance group at our church. Can you point me in the right direction to find material that we can use during our worship services. I would greatly appreciate it. Blessings!

Answer: I am sending your request to a member who has many published choreographed dances. This should be a help to you. I do not know of your background in dance. In my dance group, our usual "method of operation" is that the priest or minister or choir director requests that we dance to a particular song which their choir will sing. We then choreograph a dance to this. We rehearse it with a tape made my the choir director, or a professional tape of the song requested. We have a rehearsal with the choir prior to the service. This is either at their regular rehearsal time or prior to the morning service. Sometimes we create our dances to the Biblical text. In creating a new group, you may find it helpful to begin with some simple universal music for a body of dance language. This might be the Doxology, Gloria Patri, the Lord's Prayer. I could send you choreography to the Lord's Prayer, if you are interested. Please let me know if this is a help to you, and if you need more information.


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