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Sacred Dance Guild
The Sacred Dance Guild is a nonprofit, volunteer and member based association that embraces, supports and is an advocate for Dance As A Sacred Art. It has provided Sacred Dance education and programs, resources and networking for over 52 years. Our members encompass many forms, faiths and expressions offering their dance in different spaces, in different ways and to different people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities. As the only Sacred Dance support organization of our kind, we are committed to expanding our reach and capacity to providing resources to Sacred Dancers, of all kinds, worldwide. Come dance the sacred with us at our International Festivals, our Traveling Workshops, our Sacred Dance Journeys and our Sacred Dance Global Outreach Benefit Concerts. Get your Sacred Dance articles published in our Journal. Connect with Sacred Dancers worldwide through our interactive website. Call us at 877-422-8678. Our virtual office is located through 550M Ritchie Highway #271, Serverna Park, MD, USA, 21146, admin@sacreddanceguild.org

CreationDance with Helena Froehlich

CreationDance is a multi-generational sacred dance company with a passion to develop awareness and build community through dance as a spiritual practice. Short choreographies as well as full-length programs are created and performed during services or events in churches, theatres, spiritual venues or charitable events. Dances are inspired by diverse spiritual themes, traditions and nature. Communities are invited to participate in "moving prayers" and moving meditations "the Lattice Flow", where body, mind, emotion and spirit come together.

Helena was an early morning presenter and performance at the Festival Concert at the Sacred Dance Guild's 2012 Festival "Dance a World of Hope" held in Holland, Michigan.

Helena Froehlich: 617-818-4138 - CreationDance99@gmail.com
Like & Follow CreationDance on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CreationDanceCompany



Soul Integrators teaches and networks Soul Attunement through The Higher Self Integration Process, helping to create an awareness of Soul Consciousness by integrating holistic spiritual principles and practices, including SACRED DANCE, into all areas of life...

Rev. Dr. JoyBeth Lufty's first three books are available through Trafford Publishing: Beyond Belief Into Knowing, A Soul's Delight, and The We That Is Me. Her fourth book, A Soul's View Of The World, is free through Soul Integrator's website.

An international facilitator, her workshops on Body Prayers and Dancing With Your Soul are only 2 among the many offered. She is currently serving as SDG's President. "Dr. Joy" is dedicated to Soul Attunement & Integration through the Life Processes of Living Love, Daring the Dark, Bestowing Birth, and Celebrating Compassionately. drjoy@att.net






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