The Sacred Dance Guild has been fortunate, through the generosity of many of our members, to be able to provide scholarships to our summer Festivals for many years. We are happy to advise that we will be able to provide a number of scholarships for our special 50th Anniversary Festival. Your responses to the questions below, accompanied by a letter of recommendation, will be considered your application.

Each of the following questions must be answered for your application to be considered. Scholarships are for tuition only.

  1. Describe your current activities in sacred dance.
  2. List briefly any training you have had pertinent to your work in sacred dance.
  3. How do you think you will benefit from attending the Festival?
  4. How would you share your experiences at Festival in your area?
  5. Are finances a concern in planning your attendance at Festival? Please elaborate.
  6. What is your current involvement with the Sacred Dance Guild? What do you think it might be in the future?
  7. Are you willing to contribute some service at the Festival?
  8. Please ask one person who is familiar with your work in sacred dance to send a letter of recommendation to the above address, postmarked by May 15,

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS MAY 15, 2008. None will be considered after that date. The early registration amount of $375.00 will apply to all scholarship recipients.

Send your application by mail or e-mail to:

Joceile Nordwall, Scholarship Chair
3975 South Fox St.
Englewood, CO 80110-4560
E Mail:

Quick Facts:

Place: Connecticut College,
New London, CT

Dates: July 20 25, 2008


  • $425 (for SDG members)
  • $475 (for non members)

Housing: $350 (five-nights including meals)

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