State of The Guild Address
By JoyBeth Lufty, September 1, 2011

See 2010 State of Guild Address

As we know, our Sacred Dance Guild has to update and expand if we are to continue on into the future...

2010-2011 was our year to finish up our updating and revising of our systems and of expanding our programs and services to our members. Really look into our website and you will find that Chapters are metamorphing into Local Networks and Affiliates into Reciprocal Relations. We now have a new motto and an official SDG song/Body Prayer. We have new membership features such as Meet A Member, Sacred Dance Company Newsletters, Sacred Dance Is..., Sacred Music and educational printable handouts. Our programs now include not only our Biennial Festival, but also SDGO Benefit Concerts, Traveling Workshops, Sacred Dance Journeys, and our Tele-Interview Series.

With our new systems and expanded programming, we are now ready to update our By-Laws this coming year. This will coincide with the third phase of our "Keep SDG alive and dancing worldwide!" intent on the Growing and Greening of SDG: Growing our membership & volunteer workers, our resources, our educational writings, our workshops & classes, our Sacred Dance Business Directory and greening SDG with MONEY MONEY MONEY...

We need to bring in between $40,000 to $70,000 a year, not $20,000. We need 1000 members, not 300-400. We need to have at least 4 Traveling Workshops a year, 2 major SDGO Benefit Events a year, full Sacred Dance Journeys every other year and at least 200 Festival Participants every other year. We need 9 dedicated and hard working Board Members and many more working volunteers that will coordinate Traveling Workshops, Local Network Workshops and Events, and SDGO Benefit Sacred Dance Concerts. We need volunteer writers for our Journal and our various web features. We also really need a paid Executive Director, to help our Volunteer Boards of the Future to do all that needs to be done each year, each month, each week and each and every day.

We really need and are ready to reach out to the world through linking, publicity and promotion. We need YOU to send us the e-mail addresses of the Sacred Dance Resources of all types that you know about. We need You to recruit new members and get the word out about SDG. We need YOU to find us Business Members & Supporters, big donors, and grant monies.

Yes, what SDG needs now is Movers & Moneys! And we need every member to help dance these movers and monies our way! We need "M&Ms" and lots of them to really move SDG into the reality of being the umbrella for Global Sacred Dance. We all need to "Dance The Sacred & Move The World" so we can "Dance a World of Hope" together!




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