Spirituality in Dance Tele-Interview Series Replays

July 10 - 2pm Eastern
Lisa will interview Dianne Eno, founder and artistic director of Dianne Eno/Fusion Danceworks (formerly Diance Eno Dance Company) . She will discuss the process for healing the human/nature split through a series of cumulative embodied learning: techniques that she developed as the emergent dance form that she calls environmental dance. http://www.fusiondanceworks.net/philosophy.htm

June 13 - 2pm Eastern
Lisa interviews Denise Damon Wade. Denise has an MFA in dance, performance and choreography from the University of Michigan. Denise discusses how a warm up of breath, core-strengthening and centering work builds to full-bodied and increasingly complex movement through space. http://www.wm.edu/as/tsd/dance/faculty/wade_d.php

May 15 - 2pm Eastern
Lisa interviewed Shahrzad Khorsandi, a contemporary choreographer who directs a non-profit dance academy, Shahrzad Dance Academy and a performing ensemble, Shahrzad Dance Company. Her workshops explore, through Persian movement and music, the depth of the cultural and emotional basis of hope. www.dancepersian.org

April 18 - 2pm Eastern
Lisa interviewed Jason Warley, a choreographer, facilitator, producer, and Master teacher of dance. In his class, Hope’s Journey, he uses an illustration of a maze to represent the journey and the perceived tricky corners, road blocks and impenetrable wall woven throughout our lives. He uses this method to expose obstacles and to teach how to use the obstacles to grow. http://www.gobeyondproductions.com/Teachers/jason.html

March 13 - 2pm Eastern
Lisa interviewed Kathryn Mihelick and Andrea Shearer. They discussed how they lead participants through improvisational movement experiences designed to detect their "hope hang-ups". They showed them how to overcome external impediments to fulfillment and to discovering pathways to spiritual growth and enrichment. Moving in Hope, Connecting in Hope, Uniting in Hope and Rejoicing in Hope. http://www.leavendance.org

February 2, 2012
Lisa Michaels of Natural Rhythms interviewed Stella Shizuka Matsuda, one of our 2012 Festival Faculty Co-chairs. Stella's shares her experience as a very young child, during WWII, in the concentration camps where her family and she were interned, was where she first saw and fell in love with dance. Stella has an extensive background in dance and she has served as the chairperson for the Sacred Dance Guild, International Festival in 2003, where the So CA committee created an exciting and successful Festival. She has additionally served the Guild as chapter representative, vice-president and president of the SDG. Listen to this exciting interview to discover the magic of the upcoming festival and deepen your connection to sacred dance.

October 20, 2011
Lisa Michaels of Natural Rhythms interviewed David Taylor. David has been professionally involved in the Colorado dance community for the past forty-one years. In 1979, he founded the David Taylor Dance Theatre, one of the Rocky Mountain Region's most acclaimed, well-known and respected dance organizations, and Denver's original contemporary ballet company which developed a national reputation of presenting outstanding innovative works. Mr. Taylor's extensive background also includes many years of study in the areas of metaphysics, spiritual science, the Gurdjieff Movements, and a variety of other sacred dance rituals. He has conducted workshops on sacred dance for various statewide organizations, and has appeared twice as a major presenter at the Sacred Dance Guild’s national Festival. http://www.denverballettheatreacademy.com/

September 22, 2011
Lisa Michaels of Natural Rhythms interviewed Wendy Morrell. Wendy's lifelong love of dance, in all of its forms, resulted in many varied and diverse dance studies – from modern, contemporary, jazz and creative movement to ballroom and many forms of ethnic and cultural dance (Indian Temple Dance, Hawaiian Sacred Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, Buddhist Sacred Dance.). Wendy was one of the individuals instrumental in starting the first Canadian chapter of the Sacred Dance Guild in 1997, co-chaired the first International Sacred Dance Festival held in Ottawa in 2000, was the Public Relations Director of the International Sacred Dance Guild from 2001 to 2005, directed the 50th Anniversary Sacred Dance Festival in 2008 and the 2010 Sacred Dance Festival both held at Connecticut College, CT. Wendy is currently the Co- Director of Programs for the Sacred Dance Guild and will co-direct the 2012 Festival "Dance a World of Hope" to be held at Hope College in Holland Michigan. Wendy is the artistic director of dance choirs in the Ottawa area (children & adults) and coordinates dance offerings for many local community events.

August 25, 2011
Lisa Michaels of Natural Rhythms interviewed Debbie Danbrook, who is a composer, performer and recording artist. She sings and plays the Shakuhachi Japanese flute and is the first woman to have mastered this ancient Zen instrument. She specializes in music for meditation and healing and has released 17 CDs (www.healingmusic.com) Debbie has worked with dancers all of her life and recorded her Ambient World CD to offer dancers music for gentle movement. She has played at 3 Sacred Dance Conferences and many, many Sacred Dance workshops.

JULY 21, 2011
Lisa Michaels of Natural Rhythms, SDG current VP, interviewed Leslie Zehr, an Esoteric Dance teacher from Egypt and author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer. After Leslie's initiation in Upper Egypt, she developed a simple method of teaching sacred dance and esoteric wisdom that has taught many women from all over the world how to reconnect with the Divine feminine aspect within them. In this interview Lisa talked with Leslie about her journey, immigrating to Egypt in 1986 and how the process of learning and teaching sacred dance in Egypt unfolded for her. www.UniversalDancer.com

JUNE 16, 2011
Lisa interviewed the co-founder of InterPlay Cynthia Wynton-Henry. She is the author of three books on movement. They explored Cynthia's life-long journey with dance and spirituality and she discussed her books Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey, Dance: A Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, What the Body Wants: InterPlay.

MAY 19, 2011
Lisa's third interview was with Dunya. They explored embodied spiritual practices that restore us. Dunya Dianne McPherson, acclaimed authority and meditative leader, is the founder & Principal Teacher of the healing movement system, Dancemeditation™, a path of breath and intuition that deepens practitioners' self-connection and self-knowledge through movement.

APRIL 27, 2011
Lisa interviewed SDG President, our own Rev Dr JoyBeth Lufty, of Soul Integrators. JoyBeth shared about the spiritual connection that can be made through body prayers and gave some great tips on creating your own. She let us in on some of the exciting highlights of the Sacred Dance Guild's upcoming trip to Sedona and The Grand Canyon.

MARCH 17, 2011
Lisa's first guests were Mark Metz and Aspen Madrone, founders of Conscious Dancer Magazine. Conscious Dancer dedicates itself to movement for a better world. They have their fingers on the pulse of all that is moving and grooving in the conscious dance arena. Listen to this replay to find out all the ways this potent dance movement can move you.






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