Erika Thimey Dance & Theater Company (ETDTC)


Performance Calendar


  • March: Somerford Assisted Living; Hagerstown, Maryland
    In honor of Erika’s birthday (March 12, 1910), ETDTC performed at the assisted living facility where Erika lived until the end of her life.
  • July 27: Sacred Dance Guild Festival Workshop and Concert Performance
    ETDTC presented a workshop “Let the Alleluias Ascend” on Erika Thimey’s 1986 dance Alleluia, set to a vocal version of Johan Pachelbel’s celebrated Canon in D. Participants learned the choreography from members of ETDTC and some of them joined the dance company in a performance that evening at the Festival Concert.
  • Nov. 7: First Parish Church, Waltham, Massachusetts
    ETDTC will dance at the 10:30 am Sunday service in the church where Erika first danced on September 23, 1934. That historic service marked the first time liturgical dance had even been offered at the church. More than 2,000 people turned out and the service had to be repeated to accommodate the crowd.
  • Dec. 5: Christ Episcopal Church - Columbia, Maryland; Oaklands Presbyterian Church - Laurel, Maryland


  • March: First Unitarian Church of Chicago

Legacy Preservation

  • Donated archival material to the New York Public Library Performing Arts /Dance Divison
  • Donated archival material to the Historical Society of Washington, DC


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