A Few Notes & Tips to Make Your Festival Experience Wonderful

Here are some tips and notes for arriving, what to bring and more. We’ll be updating this page so please check back! If you are new to Festival, welcome! Read this section for more info.

Arriving At the Festival
Festival registration is open Sunday, July 20 from 12 noon – 6pm so you can plan your arrival in that timeframe. At registration, you will receive your program and room assignment as well as meal cards and additional info.

When you arrive at campus, you’ll find a Gatekeeper (available 24-hours/day) at the main entrance who can direct you to the appropriate buildings. We’ll also have Festival signs.

Housing & Meals
Generally, participants stay on campus however you may wish to seek local hotel accommodations. Visit our Housing section [link to Housing page] for more details. Note that the dorm rooms are air-conditioned and handicapped accessible with bathrooms on each floor; linens and towels will be supplied.

Meals will be served in the cafeteria which offers a delightful array of healthy and vegetarian options. Festival participants will receive meal tickets for use during the Festival. Check out Connecticut College’s website for more details on both!

What to do in Evening?
We offer a variety of evening activities included in your registration fee. See our schedule [link to Festival offerings] for more details.

Most evening events are open to the public and/or guests traveling with participants by ticket purchase. If you have not purchased tickets in advance on a registration form, heck with the registration areaupon arrival.

Have Items to Sell or Donate?
Once again we are pleased to offer a Festival Store, Festival Bazaar and a Silent Auction. The store, which will be open all week, is the place to sell your dance or art items such as music, choreography, books, t-shirts, dance items and any craft item. The staffed store is run on consignment (15% of sales). For detailsemail SDGFestival@sacreddanceguild.org or contact Diane Dean at 613-831-1204.

The Bazaar will be held for one-day on Thursday, July 24. You will need to provide a table or rent one from the college and staff it. The cost is 10% of sales. For details or to book a table, email SDGFestival@sacreddanceguild.org or contact Diane Dean at 613-831-1204

Our Silent Auction, to be held Tuesday’s Banquet and Annual Meeting, is a fundraiser that benefits the Festival Scholarship program. Please consider donating an item or two (gifts, dance memorabilia, art and new or gently used treasures are welcome) to be auctioned. To celebrate the many places from which we come, this year we are encouraging participants to consider bringing items that represent their home community – wines, specialty non-perishable food items, local artisans works, etc. And of course bring a little money of your own to bid on the wonderful items. To donate, simply bring your donated item with you. Note, that SDG is a 501c3 organization so donations are tax-deductible.

Also note that we do offer option to put flyers in our tote bags and sell advertising – so explore those options under Sponsorships.

One of the most popular Festival activities arethe informal Sharings. This is the time for you to bring a dance you are working on or have presented to share with the Festival participants These are informal gatherings held in a studio with an open and supportive audience. We provide the room, audience, and CD player. You bring your dance and your music. Some groups/individuals come prepared with costuming while others spontaneiously use what they have Our festival musicians may be available to provide live music upon request.–. Sign-ups for Sharings are handled on-site. If you have questions in the interim, e-mail SDGFestival@sacreddanceguild.org or call Dawn Harris at 613- 224-1767.

This year we will also offer other types of “Sharing” opportunities. There will be late night video/DVD sharings (so bring them with you) and places and times to “share” your facilitation skills. If you teach a dance or other movement for,m or have specific dances to “teach” others, we will have sign up places available at Festival to offer this way of sharing your talents.

Be a MOVING Exhibit! We are planning an exhibit space to celebrate the first 50 years of the Sacred Dance Guild. That space has a stage area where we would love to have “moving” exhibits. As we Celebrate the Sacred Dance Guild’s Past, Present and Future - we invite you to participate by submitting a proposal to create a 3-minute dance/movement piece that is your response to the statement: “Dance as an expression of the sacred moves in and through me as…. “ Individuals and/or groups can create a 3-minute piece using this statement as the choreographic motivation. In keeping with our Past, Present and Future focus, the piece can also be created from those 3 different perspectives - your present, your past and your future response to this statement. The total piece could therefore be a maximum of 9-minutes (of course this is only a suggestion!!) The piece can be to music, to silence, to words. It can be an individual piece, a group of individuals all responding separately (but using the same music/words) or a group working together. There will be set times during the Festival when the “Moving Mysteries” exhibit will be offered. This will be scheduled in advance and will be another way of “Sharing”! If you have any questions and/or are interested in sharing in this way, email SDGFestival@sSacreddanceguild.ororg or contact Wendy Morrell at 613-726-1375.

What to bring
New England summer weather can vary from 90 to 50 degrees so layering is key. Here are items to consider. Most are optional such as a dance mat and dance skirts.

  • Comfortable dance clothes and shoes* (e.g., leotard & tights, unitard, loose garments or whatever you wear for sacred/liturgical dance)
  • Dance mat
  • Costuming and music (CD or tape) for your own dance if Sharing
  • A basic black or white flowing skirt (in case you are in a class dance)
  • Casual clothes for evenings
  • Swimsuit, large towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Insect repellent (we do some classes and gatherings out of doors weather permitting)
  • Medicine and prescriptions, including for eye glasses
  • Camera and journal to capture your experiences
  • Umbrella
  • Pillow (pillows are provided but you may wish to bring your own)
  • Coathangers – Dorm rooms often do not have an abundance of coat hangers – if your wardrobe requires them, you might want to add a few to your suitcase!

* You may dance in bare feet however you may find yourselves in many different environments such as the stone floor in the chapel or outside so having comfortable shoes is important.

New to an SDG Festival? First we welcome you! We know that you will enjoy your experience! A few notes about our program …

Our days are full of opportunities – and all are options! Let you energy and interest guide you! And ask questions … we’ll have volunteers all around and our registration desk will be staffed.

Each day starts with an early morning wake-up of Metta Meditation, Warm up Jazz, Tai Chi, Yoga, Interfaith Body Prayers or Warm up in a Chair -- this is a time to stretch, explore and ready yourself! After Breakfast, we then gather as a group for an outdoor (weather permitting) Morning Meditation time to ready ourselves for the day ahead.

We offer 6 in-depth week-long classes in the morning. Over 8 hours (two each morning M-Th) you can study with a teacher building on the work each day. Each of our “InDepth Inspiriations” will also offer two afternoon one-hour workshops so you will have a chance to experience each of them if you choose! A seventh track will offer five different classes taught by a selection of the Sacred Dance Guild’s “Living Legacies” who will provide an opportunity for you to explore these amazing people who have been integral to the Sacred Dance Guild over many years.M

The afternoons are filled with shorter workshops on a myriad of topics and disciplines. Here you’ll find classes that are physically strenuous, some that are gentle and others that are part movement-part discussion. There are classes for everyone. And if you find a teacher who’d like to experience but prefer not to dance, you can join most classes as an observer.

Have a non-participant coming with you? Yes, some do bring spouses and children. We do sell tickets for evening events so they can join you. We are also planning to offer a children’s program (for ages 7 – 12) if numbers warrant. If you are interested in information. contact Ruby Wiles atlutheranartscorps@yahoo.com or call 814-723-5375.

We are here to answer your questions. So feel free to contact us at SDGFestival@sacreddanceguild.org.

Quick Facts:

Place: Connecticut College,
New London, CT

Dates: July 20 – 25, 2008


$375 - before May 1 (SDG members, affiliates, youth)

$425 - after May 1 (SDG members, affiliates, youth)

$425 - before May 1 (non members)

$475 - before May 1 (non members)

Events Only:

$25 - Guest Ticket Opening (includes dinner)

$50 - Guest Ticket Banquet (Tuesday)

$15 - Guest Ticket Concert (Thursday)

Housing: $350 (five-nights including meals)

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