By popular demand, SDG now offers "Traveling Workshops" for members to bring The Sacred Dance Guild's teachers and workshops to their local community. These workshops, covering many aspects and styles of Sacred Dance, not only provide Sacred Dancers of all experience levels additional education and networking "closer to home" but are a way to help support SDG as a fundraiser and to help spread Sacred Dance far and wide...

The Traveling Workshop Format has one or two SDG approved Sacred Dance Facilitators who provide a weekend workshop designed with the local area involved Coordinator(s):

  • Friday Evening - Opening and evening workshop (optional)
  • Saturday- Morning and afternoon workshop
  • Saturday- Possible evening concert open to the public (optional)
  • Sunday - Possible involvement in local church or other community type event. (optional)

To see an example of a SDG Traveling workshop click here. This flyer is of our pilot Traveling Workshop program held May 14 & 15, 2010 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. To see an example of a Traveling Workshop for a rural community click here.

The SDG Volunteer Local Coordinator(s) are responsible for:

  • Consulting with SDG's Program CoDirectors about insurance, release forms, w9 forms, sample budgets, appropriate Facilitators from SDG's roster and more.
  • Finding SDG Facilitators and designing the program.
  • Determining the budget to include an appropriate fee structure for facilitators, participants and other expenses such as facility and promotional costs.
  • Working on finding appropriate venue, local media contacts, flyer production and promotion such as local postering and e-mailing, and local registration.

If you are interested in bringing a Traveling Workshop to your local area, contact our Program Co-Directors at

The Traveling Workshop Facilitators are Sacred Dance Guild Members and teachers that have applied and been approved by SDG's Program Director's and President. Each Coordinator(s) Presenter's fee, travel, room and board will be negotiated with the local Coordinator(s). The standard fee is $625 for two -three workshop sessions. Click here to apply for Traveling Workshop Facilitation.

You may also apply to be part of SDG's Presenters Package Roster, which is list of SDG Facilitators and their workshops that the general public can look at and contact you about for other programs that aren't SDG sponsored. SDG's "finders fee" is 10% of The Facilitator's received payment.

SDG's Traveling Workshops Roster and Presenter's Package lists will continue to evolve. Click here for our latest choices.

Contact your favorite SDG Facilitator and encourage them to dance onto our Sacred Dance traveling stage. Think about becoming one of our volunteer Traveling Workshop Coordinator's and bring a SDG Traveling Workshop to your community. And of course, be on the lookout for a SDG Traveling Workshop coming directly to YOU!


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